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Limitation of liability

CIBER does not guarantee the non-existence of interruptions or errors in access to the web site or its content, nor that this is updated. As soon as it learns of any errors, disconnections or updating requirement CIBER will take all the measures required to rectify mistakes, re-establish communication and update the content, on condition that there are no causes making this impossible or difficult to perform.

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Use of non-updated versions of this


CIBER accepts no liability, where applicable, for the content of other web sites linked or accessible from this web site through “links”. The purpose of these links is to foster access to other sources of information on the Internet.

In the event of any user, customer or third party considering that the content or the services provided by the pages linked are unlawful or detrimental for property or rights of the user him or herself, of a customer or of a third party due for compensation and in particular any that infringe the principles listed below:

  • Safeguarding public order, criminal investigation, public security and national defence
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  • Respect for people’s dignity and the principle of non-discrimination on grounds of race, sex, religion, opinion, nationality, incapacity or any other personal or social circumstances
  • Protection of young people and children
  • Safeguarding Intellectual Property rights

... you may inform the CIBER of this, but any reception by the latter of such notification shall not nevertheless constitute knowledge for purposes of the liability stipulated in Article 17 of the LSSICE.

Intellectual property

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